What is included in Panda7's car insurance coverage

Panda7 is a top Canadian car insurance company that allows you to quickly and easily find the best auto insurance rates for your needs. With Panda7 auto insurance coverage, you're guaranteed for:

  • liabilityLiability Coverage

    Liability coverage is a required feature of your car insurance needed to legally drive in Canada. Your liability coverage will cover legal costs in at-fault accidents, as well as help pay for damages to another person’s vehicle and/or property.

  • collision Collision Coverage

    Collision insurance protects you and covers costs in the event that your vehicle is damaged by another vehicle, or by an object.

  • comprehensiveNon-Collision Coverage

    Non-collision coverage protects you from situations involving fire, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters that end up damaging your vehicle.

  • road side assistanceRoadside assistance

    Roadside assistance helps you get back on the road as quickly as possible whenever you encounter a problem.

  • TheftCourtesy Vehicle

    If a courtesy vehicle is part of your auto insurance coverage, in the case of an accident, your vehicle will be replaced with something (i.e., a rental vehicle)that fits your needs – until your own car is ready to be driven again.

  • InjuryPersonal Insurance

    Comprehensive insurance wouldn't be complete without personal insurance too. Personal insurance protects you from certain financial repercussions following a death or an injury in an auto accident.

Why Clients Are Choosing Panda7


Alexis Terriault

One of the only if not the only insurance brokerage firm dedicated to sustainable development. One of the only insurance brokerage firm committed to sustainable development.


Anabelle Veale

Great customer service! Really appreciated my experience!


Clément Meunier

I recommend ! They gave me the cheapest price! Very attentive and accommodating.


Guillaume Dumouchel

Courteous and professional agent. Quick quotes that met our needs.


Sina Channel

Wow very good customer service! Thanks to Amine more precisely, I highly recommend!


Alexandra Martin

I enjoyed my experience with Panda7. It's easy to get a good price for the insurance that's right for us. I'm satisfied.

Auto FAQ

Since there are many different insurance companies offering varying car insurance rates, it can be difficult to know which policy to purchase. A car insurance quote gives you a summary of the price of the policy as well as what is included in the policy (i.e., type of coverage, exclusions). With Panda7, you can compare multiple car insurance quotes, then make the best pick for your individual needs!

This is a simple one – in Québec, you must have a basic auto insurance policy to be legally driving! This basic and mandatory coverage is provided by the SAAQ. The mandatory coverage covers all drivers, and is intended to pay for bodily harm (i.e., injury) that occurs from an accident. Beyond the mandatory coverage, there are private car insurance markets – in some parts of Canada, these are optional, but in Québec they are mandatory as well. With Panda7, you can browse and compare quotes from multiple insurers to find yourself the best car insurance in Canada!

Panda7 is proud to work with the best car insurance companies in Canada! There's no such thing as one best car insurance company, since every company can offer you a different range of benefits. Primarily, Panda7 works with Aviva, Economical, Intact, Pafco, and Wawanesa, among other Québec car insurance companies. With Panda7, you can compare multiple auto insurance quotes so that you can find the best car insurance coverage for your personal situation. If you're looking for cheaper car insurance, then Panda7 is the right place to start!

Panda7 can generate up to 7 auto insurance quotes from various insurers. This number is dependent on the vehicle you would like to get insured, as well as your driver risk profile. Luckily for you, Panda7 is constantly working to expand and grow our business, and we're hoping to be able to provide you with more insurers and more choices for you to find the best car insurance cost and policy possible!

From the moment you get your auto insurance quotes from Panda7, you can rest assured that these rates are protected for 15 days. You can use that time to see if you can find a better auto insurance rate somewhere else, but to be honest, we're pretty confident that you'll come back to us! Get quotes from multiple providers with Panda7, compare car insurance quotes, and still have time to shop around for a better deal elsewhere! It doesn't get much better than that.

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