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Homeowner FAQ

Both home and auto insurance are essential for protecting your property, and every adult can benefit from them. Also called homeowners insurance or house insurance, home insurance protects your house and personal belongings from unexpected or accidental damage (e.g., fire, water damage, some unpredictable weather events), losses, and theft (e.g., burglary). It generally offers public liability insurance for family members living under the same roof, provides financial coverage and covers expenses as well as living costs that could arise in the event of potential disasters. There are different types of home insurance to protect your home and personal property, such as tenant, landlord, condo and homeowner insurance. There are also other types of insurance, including insurance for your chalet/holiday lodge or if you are a non-occupying owner and want to rent your accommodation. To find out more about it, please contact your broker.

If your property or belongings are damaged, lost, or stolen, you'll usually be able to file a claim online with the insurer who sold you your policy. It will then ascertain the extent of your coverage based on the situation and based on your home insurance policy. Once your claim has been processed, you will typically be compensated to renovate, rebuild, or replace the compromised property. You can insure your home and your personal belongings using one of the many reputable insurance companies in Canada. Find the best home insurance premium for your budget using an insurance broker like Panda7, and save money while protecting your home.

Home insurance covers your personal property and buildings, and offers also public liability insurance (personal liability coverage), that is to say, coverage for damage that could be caused by the policyholder to a visitor or his property. Guarantees vary depending on which type of policy you get, as well as on which insurer you choose to work with. The higher the cost of your home insurance premium, the more property you have included in your coverage. You can also choose to get additional protection as an option by purchasing add-ons which protect you against more exceptional and unforeseen circumstances. It includes for example damage following flooding (dam failure, river overflow), damage caused by an earthquake or protection of your in-ground pool. The list of all the additional covers included in your insurance policy is available during your online submission, make sure to carefully review all the terms of your contract.

It's important to note that some accidents may not be covered by insurance companies. For instance, damages caused by the gradual decay of your property, damages caused by certain animals or insects, or damages resulting from water leaks that have been occurring for an extended period may not be covered. The contract includes a list of excluded guarantees which can be accessed during online submission. Take time to read it carefully.

Unlike car insurance in Quebec, home insurance is not compulsory. However, whether you are an individual homeowner, co-owner of a condo, or a tenant, having a home insurance policy serves as your best ally in unforeseen circumstances and provides protection for what matters most- your home and property, an investment for a lifetime. Home insurance that is adapted to your lifestyle is the ideal solution to protect you if an unexpected event occurs, such as a fire or the theft of your furniture or precious objects for example. With Panda7, you can easily compare Quebec tenant insurance and find the best tenant insurance in Montreal for example, and find the contract that suits your needs. Don't wait and try Panda7 today!

Prices that aren’t through the roof

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