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How does tenant insurance in Montreal work?

For residents of Montreal, tenant insurance or “renter’s insurance” works a little differently than your average home insurance policy. Read on for some details about your policy to help you gain a better idea of what you have coverage for.

Damage that has come as a result of “wear and tear” or general lack of maintenance – or even extended vacancy – is generally not covered by tenant insurance in Montreal. Should you own any higher-value items, such as furs, jewelry, etc., you may want to review your limits to assess if you need a rider to include these items. Commercial-related losses are not covered by Montreal renter’s insurance. If you are self-employed or have clients over often, you may need to acquire a separate commercial policy.

Your landlord or landlord corporation has insurance that covers the physical structure of the apartment and any common areas, as well as their personal liability. Anything that is not covered under the landlord’s insurance, or “master policy,” should be covered by your separate tenant insurance. In Montreal, it is essential to have a policy that protects your liability and belongings.

Higher-value items that range in price from $2,000 and over may need be listed separately when you give your insurance provider an overall estimated value of everything you own. For these items to have coverage, you may need to purchase a separate floater to extend the limits of your tenant insurance in Montreal. If you acquire higher-value items after getting your policy, discuss with your tenant insurance broker in Montreal about your next steps.

It depends. If you have less wiggle-room in your budget, less coverage is more affordable but may leave you exposed. Tenant insurance in Montreal is more affordable than your average insurance policy. If you have concerns about cost or do not know how much coverage you need, discuss with a broker.

When you purchase renter’s insurance in Montreal, you may choose between two ways of being indemnified: replacement cost or actual cash value. The major difference between these two options is that replacement cost will pay for any necessary replacements without depreciation.

Some damages may prevent you from reentering your unit for a period of time. During the time it takes to do repairs or rebuild, you will need to live elsewhere. Your renter’s insurance in Montreal may coverage expenses like hotel bills, meals, and relocation costs during this time – up until a certain limit.

There is no way to put a single price tag on tenant insurance in Montreal, since everyone’s circumstances are different. However, you can see our estimated figures for averages:
  • Per month, tenant insurance in Montreal may cost an average of $18.
  • The range for Montreal renter’s insurance is between 150$ and 300$.
  • Annually, this sums up to an average of 225$ for Montreal tenant insurance.
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Depending on your insurance provider, your unit may be considered vacant after as few as four days and risk having your claims denied. The reason for this restriction is that an unoccupied apartment or home is more likely to be broken into or sustain unexpected damages that accumulate over time. You can enlist the help of a friend or neighbour to look after your apartment during your absence.

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