Complaint policy

Summary of the Dispute and Complaint Handling Policy

Policy Purpose

The purpose of this dispute and complaint handling policy is to establish a free, simple, and fairprocedure for its implementation. It aims to identify the person in charge of the processing, to guide thereceipt of complaints and their handling, and if necessary, to transmit the case to the Autorité desmarchés financiers, hereinafter called "Autorité".

Person in charge

The person responsible for implementing this policy within PANDA7 is Noel El-Feghali, president and co-founder. As part of the policy, his functions include:

Receipt of the complaint

A consumer or client of PANDA7 who wishes to file a complaint can do so, verbally or in writing, bycontacting the person in charge:

Handling of a complaint

For the purposes of this policy, a complaint is the verbal or written expression of at least one of thefollowing elements, which persists after being considered and treated at the operational level competent to make a decision. It must contain one of the following elements:

Upon receipt of a complaint, the person in charge of complaint handling will send an acknowledgmentof receipt to the complainant within 10 business days of receiving the complaint. He will conduct animpartial analysis within a reasonable period, which should not exceed 60 business days, following thereceipt of the complaint and the elements necessary for its analysis.In the case of an incomplete complaint, a notice containing a request for additional information will besent to the complainant. The complainant must provide the necessary information before the caseanalysis can resume or continue.The handling of the complaint must be done impartially and within a reasonable time, which should notexceed 60 days following the receipt of the complaint. This deadline should be respected, regardless ofthe various levels of handling involved.

Transmission to the authority

If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of his complaint handling or the handling itself, hecan ask the person in charge to transfer his complaint file to the Autorité.

Address to use for the transfer:
Place de la Cité, Cominar tower 2640, Laurier Boulevard, office 400
Quebec (Quebec) G1V 5C1

The file transferred to the Autorité will consist of all the documents related to the complaint.
The transfer must be made to the Autorité within 30 days of the complainant's request.