LMBF Partnership

Panda7 maintains a business relationship with LMBF Insurance, a damage insurance firm. As part of the partnership, LMBF Insurance manages all of Panda7's clientele from the moment the policies take effect, which are subscribed via the online quote platform (Panda7 provides the service until the product subscription).

When subscribing to the insurance policy offered by Panda7, know that LMBF Insurance will act on your behalf as an insurance firm, and its brokers will be delighted to serve you for all your insurance needs. Also, note that all the information concerning you will be transmitted electronically to LMBF Insurance, and this firm will ensure the protection of it in accordance with current laws and regulations.

In this context, before subscribing to the insurance policy, your consent will be required regarding the transfer of information concerning you. By ticking the box "I CONSENT", you consent and accept that Panda7 transmits personal data and all other information concerning you, including your banking information, to LMBF Insurance

For more information, contact one of our brokers: info@panda7.ca