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What auto insurance in Montreal covers

Get car insurance In Montreal with all the benefits. See below for what your coverage could help protect you against to help secure your own peace of mind as well as the peace of mind of your passengers, pedestrians on the road, and other drivers.

  • Liability

    Third party liability

    Protects for damage caused to your vehicle for a no-fault collision and material damage caused to others

  • Collision

    Collision or upset

    Protects you from costs to repair damage to your vehicle caused by impact with vehicle or object

  • comprehensive

    Accident without collision

    Protects you from unexpected situations such as fire, theft, vandalism or natural disasters

  • assistance

    Roadside assistance

    If you need us we’ll be there, anytime, anywhere to get you back on the road in no time

  • replacement

    Courtesy vehicle

    If you’re in an accident, your car will be replaced immediately with one that meets your needs

  • benefits

    Personal insurance

    Protection for you and your family in case of injury or death resulting from a car accident

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Montreal car insurance FAQs

Car insurance in Montreal and the province of Quebec is different than in other provinces, as Quebec utilizes a system that has both public and private car insurance. Public insurance covers personal injury, whereas private tends to cover property damage and repair costs. See below for some frequently asked questions about car insurance in Montreal.

There is no one number to summarize the cost of car insurance in Montreal. However, we have these average figures for you:
  • Per month, car insurance in Montreal may cost around 65$.
  • Car insurance in Montreal may range between 700$-900$ a year.
  • The average yearly cost of auto insurance in Montreal is 800$.

Your rates for car insurance in Montreal are dependent on a number of factors, but it boils down to what makes it more likely that you will be involved in an accident or how probable it is that you will be making numerous claims or severe claims. Follow these tips for cheaper car insurance in Montreal:
  • Raise your deductible, as this amount (the amount you pay out in the event of a claim) directly impacts your rates. The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums.
  • Purchase all your insurance policies through a single provider. Many companies will offer a discount if you bundle policies.
  • Be safe when you drive, don’t speed, and adhere to traffic rules. The more incidents you have had in the past, the likelier you are to see higher premiums.
You can always discuss with Panda7’s car insurance brokers in Montreal for advice on how to cut costs.

In the province of Quebec, it is mandatory that vehicle owners carry a minimum of $50,000 worth of civil liability insurance. This is the most basic insurance that covers drivers against personal injury they cause to others.

Drivers in Montreal are covered by the public automobile insurance plan, but in order to have coverage against unintentional property damage and repairs for one’s own vehicle they must purchase separate private car insurance in Montreal. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get. You can get free auto insurance quotes in Montreal through someone like Panda7, who does the shopping for you and finds you the best coverage.

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