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Condo insurance in Montreal for condo owners

Whether you live in a low-rise property or a high-rise, your condo needs to be protected as best as it can be. Getting condo insurance in Montreal with Panda7 is a cinch, and it only requires a few clicks. You can purchase customized coverage, in the language you know best, at a competitive price – virtually. Panda7 has simplified condo insurance in Montreal so that you can use your time to focus on what you love.

  • belongings

    Your belongings

    Condo insurance in Montreal covers any personal belongings you own whether they have been damaged, stolen, or lost. If you own any higher value items like furs or collectibles, contact Panda7 to cover them for their full value.

  • Living

    Living expenses

    If your condo is uninhabitable, your Montreal condo insurance will help cover expenses like food, temporary hotel rooms, and more while repairs are being made following an insured loss.

  • comprehensive

    Your liability

    If you are ever held liable for damages or injury to a third-party while inside your condo or anywhere in the world, your condo insurance in Montreal will protect you financially.

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Why customers choose Panda7


Alexis Terriault

One of the only if not the only insurance brokerage firm dedicated to sustainable development. One of the only insurance brokerage firm committed to sustainable development.


Anabelle Veale

Great customer service! Really appreciated my experience!


Clément Meunier

I recommend ! They gave me the cheapest price! Very attentive and accommodating.


Guillaume Dumouchel

Courteous and professional agent. Quick quotes that met our needs.


Sina Channel

Wow very good customer service! Thanks to Amine more precisely, I highly recommend!


Alexandra Martin

I enjoyed my experience with Panda7. It's easy to get a good price for the insurance that's right for us. I'm satisfied.

Montreal Condo Insurance FAQs

Panda7 has all the expertise condo owners in Montreal need to cover their assets. We have answered several of the most frequently asked questions below, for your convenience.

The cost of condo insurance varies depending on the level of coverage you require, especially since this can be very much determined by how much coverage your condo corporation or landlord has. However, generally the cost of condo insurance in Montreal will depend upon the value of your contents, especially if you own any higher valued items, any modifications you have made to your unit, and how much liability you require. Here are some figures for the cost of condo insurance in Montreal:
  • The average monthly cost of condo insurance in Montreal is 25$.
  • The range of condo insurance premiums in Montreal yearly are 250$ - 400$.
  • The average yearly cost of condo insurance in Montreal is 300$.
Ask a Panda7 broker to chat with you if you have a concern about cost. Typically, condo insurance in Montreal is relatively inexpensive.

It depends! Panda7 has access to top carriers and will let you select from coverage plans as you will at prices that best suit your needs and budget. Different insurance providers offer different forms of coverage, benefits, and discounts – and Panda7 is here to walk you through your options.

Again, it depends. Sometimes a lender or your condo corporation may require you to show proof of valid condo insurance in Montreal, but generally it is only highly recommended. Still, condo insurance in Montreal is generally quite inexpensive and can provide you with huge peace of mind. Get started today and see how affordable great coverage can be!

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